Few words about our company

Nhanoon.com is the first e-trading website specializing in talent and activities related to online trading in electronic products, services, retails, handicrafts, intellectual and scientific products, and everything related to bringing the original product to the market through our national wealth as well as brokerage services. Nhanoon.com is the main e-exchanging site having expertise in ability and exercises identified with web based exchanging electronic items, administrations, retails, crafted works, scholarly and logical items, and everything identified with conveying the first item to the market through our national riches and additionally business administrations.

Noon Electronic Trading’s head office is located on Abu Dhabi Island, Hamdan Street, al-Ghaith Tower, 8th Floor, Office No. 883.

Our Strategy:

Noon Electronic Trading's system depends on extending market chances to neighborhood items by supporting and empowering nearby items, abilities and imagination through rousing GCC gifts, empowering them to develop their organizations and exploit openings. Furthermore, we are excited about empowering abilities and financial specialists to prevail through the arrangement of spaces on the site keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee that they are on track to accomplish more elevated amounts of publicizing and attention. 

Likewise, we are enthusiastic about advancing nearby items and painstaking work as a piece of our key needs in our endeavors to help the GCC economy, pushing for the strength of neighborhood items in the e-shopping area in the GCC district and the world. 

Our electronic stage deals with all administrations effectively and financially to guarantee the advancement of thoughts and change of items and give more help, preparing and recovery to make another web based shopping society for Gulf families. We work through our stage to offer and market items and administrations electronically. The buy of items is done by means of the sheltered, inventive and secure PayPal installment administrations.

Commercial Activities of Noon Electronic Trading:

  • Selling products and services from companies to individuals, from individuals to companies and from individuals to individuals.
  • Selling and buying operations between companies, import and export operations or electronic exchange of goods.
  • Online Brokerage Service: Orders to purchase items from websites.
  • Talent Management.
  • Rental of advertising spaces.

Our Services:

Noon Electronic Trading provides its services to the client according to the contract type, where the contract is concluded according to legal conditions and commercial practices that guarantee rights of the parties.

  1. Contracting with celebrity as well as non-celebrity GCC and international artists who focus on the Arabian Gulf culture and civilization in their paintings and artistic works. This is in addition to anyone who has a talent in the arts and looks for an opportunity to develop and disseminate his art across the Gulf region.
  2. Publishing specialized articles in all approved departments of the Noon Company.
  3. Contracting with talented people to trade their products exclusively through the Gulf region.
  4. Contracting with leading service providers to provide various services through the website, including legal consultancy, academic services or legal translation services.
  5. Providing a social networking platform in the Gulf.
  6. All services provided through the website are legal and done in accordance with applicable laws of the United Arab Emirates.
  7. Publishing articles on non-celebrity talents to highlight and support their talents.
  8. Talents are allowed to be publishable or tradable through the website only when they provide products characterized by a high degree of quality and artisanship. Those who lack the craft/professionalism are guided to specialized programs and workshops to develop their skills.
  9. Facilitating purchasing processes on the website and delivering products to your doorstep within the GCC countries.
  10. Renting advertising spaces for companies and individuals who are well known for creative thoughts or featured products.

Our Advantages

This is the first gulf platform that sheds light only on Khaleeji talents. Add to that, it’s a world of artistic interaction between artistic figures.


The creation of Noon Electronic Trading represents our belief in the power of the mind, especially in its ability to turn a "crazy idea" into a reality with an artistic touch to achieve uniqueness and excellence in the labour market. The website was also created in order to introduce and help GCC talents that need guidance and direction and push their ideas into the world of business.

The name "Noon" was not chosen arbitrary. It is based on the Quranic verse "al-Qalam", looking for creative ideas from talents because our website will be the first Gulf and Arab platform to invest in talent and create a labor market based on thought and ambition.

Our move is aiming at promoting the growth of e-commerce industry in the Gulf region due to the increasing importance of digital technologies in our daily lives. It is imperative for talents to keep pace with the rapid changes and to contribute to the advancement of development.


Our mission is to give all talents of the Gulf the best opportunity to evolve, practice and master their talent. We want to create a professional community allowing talents to interact and for organisations to adopt talents they’re interested in. It is within our best interest to create a prestigious platform that always provides rich content to our members and visitors.