Des Spencer is world renowned for vibrant, vivacious images of the world as he sees it. Land and cityscapes, floral and abstract studies and underwater scenes explode off the canvas with pulsating colour, conveying all the energy and passion of life itself.

Des Spencer is one of the most innovative Australian artists on the international scene today.

After 26 years of painting in Australia, Des is now permanently based in Dubai, UAE. After exhibitions in the UAE, Des decided to continue his stellar art career by using the UAE as a base to expand into the Arab and European art markets. Although now based in Dubai, Des still supplies art to his own art gallery. Des Spencer Art Gallery is open daily on Macrossan Street, Port Douglas Australia and is managed by Joshua Spencer.

What Makes Des Tick

The love of creating art is my passion and truly is my life’s calling. I am never really happy unless I am free to create art. This commitment to create means I am always thinking of ideas well before the brush even touches the canvas. Ideas spring from experiences I have had or new environments and are transformed once I start the painting process. Painting for me means escape from reality and entry into my own world.

Once I have a new idea I feel compelled to transfer this thought onto canvas quickly so as to not lose any of the imagery. Then this is where my subconscious mind takes over and the painting then evolves and develops. Colour plays an important part in my art as I am always happiest when surrounded by light, colour and beauty.


The Artist’s Palette

The medium I chose to use is Atelier Acrylic Paints. Since 1988 I have exclusively used Atelier Acrylic Paints made by Chroma and have found them a perfect match to the way I paint. They are quick drying, non toxic and the broad range of vibrant colours appeals. From painting delicate mosaic work to heavy impasto applications these acrylics are a perfect fit!

Biography – The Journey so Far…

Des Spencer is world renowned for his vivid, vivacious images of the world around him. Land and cityscapes, floral and abstract studies and underwater scenes explode with pulsating color, conveying all the energy and passion of life itself. His imagery dances on the canvas, reminding us that living is joyous.


Des paints in acrylics and couples this medium with a highly distinctive paint application that includes painters trowel, brushes and tools, allowing him to create depth and movement through the combination of vibrant colors and varying texture. He paints directly to canvas from his imagination and observations.


Des is an artist whose rich talent has developed over the past two decades. His devotion to his unique impasto style has cemented his reputation as a leading International artist. After living in Cairns for 22 years Des now resides and paints in the UAE. Des frequently travels to exhibit his work and his reputation continues to grow steadily.

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